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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where is The Jaunty Scamp?

The Jaunty Scamp is in Singapore, where he and his mini-posse is checking out the local t-shirt scene. There will be updates and hopefully, we can showcase Asian brands like Fourskin and Flesh Imp among others.

Meanwhile, check out [2 one 5]'s tee design contest. According to their website: Apply your design to the tee template, submissions must fit into one of our collections. Please include name, address, email, phone number and which collection your design belongs to with each entry. Please submit entries to

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


After seeing the Pop Noodle t-shirt (styled after Warhol's Campbell soup) a few moons ago, I longed to know where the tee came from and just yesterday, I got my answer.

produces Asian-centric designs and they're pretty spiffy. Take the beautiful, sold out Phoenix Down stencil for the ladies. It's a detailed spray painted stencil on a sheer jersey top.

I'm leaning toward the faux baseball team, the Okinawa Ogres for men. Japan should really capitalize on their domestic products what with all the rampaging monsters in Tokyo and put them on the baseball team.

What's even better is that 70six is having a 50% sale and if you get two t-shirts and more, shipping is free within the US.

Monies: US$8.50 - 9.00

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mini Godzilla!

Tiny Factory (if you ask us, is just that much closer to being mistaken for that Elton John's song) looks kinda downscaled. The website doesn't have them fancy flash programs or that "boing" sound effect when you click on a link. What they do have are interesting t-shirts like Wind Me Up (if you ask us, is just that Fastball's song title).

Monies: US$20

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Review: [ 2 one 5 ]

We just got back and a package from [ 2 one 5 ] was waiting for us. You remember the post of [ 2 one 5 ] we did of their CMYK series.

Within the package is a letter and said t-shirt.

I was curious about the envelope. I opened it, hoping it be racy photos or money but it was a hand-written letter from Carly Markowitz.

How sweet. I was hoping the letter would end with XOXO but that would be weird. *sniff* Is that perfume? Anyway, on to the meat of the entry: the t-shirt.

That's right. Feel free to make jest of my photo-taking skills but know that I'm well-hung than 80% of you. Instead, here's a clearer look of the t-shirt from [ 2 one 5 ] website's instead and pretend that's my taut body under the apparel.

The material is a 100% cotton Alstyle tee and it's gonna sound strange but I like that it has a certain weight to it when you wear it. They say the print is an updated elephant print design of OG Jordan. I was excited because I thought I have a a t-shirt that was made from an actual elephant skin. It wasn't. We've further elaborated that I'm an idiot.

I like how the print is raised. It's a pleasing synergy of the t-shirt color and print design. At the hem of my tee is written the limited edition number of my tee. I love how it's such a throwback to old school limited edition days.

[ 2 one 5 ] makes me feel special. I'm 47 out of 96. Wheeee!

More interestingly, behind the tee, near the neckline, I'm assuming, is the artist's calling sign or Spike Lee in the style of "Kilroy was here." FYI: the artist is Nikolas Greenblatt, former pro snowboarder, now artist.

Summing up, I like this t-shirt. A lot. I'm wearing it now as I type, which is always a good indication that I like it because most of the time I would walk around in the buff. Just ask my grandparents. There are other fine t-shirt designs over at [ 2 one 5 ] and, a rarely seen thing, customer service is wonderful.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sir Hugs-A-Lot

Hey kiddies, it's me, writing up another entry while I'm into another night of frivolity and police arrests.

You might remember an entry about Alex Dakoulas' Scream Anniversary t-shirt (which is on sale). Dakoulas now has new t-shirts out like the very uniquely designed Billy Jack tee and the More Hugging tee, which I absolutely love... until it leads to a police arrest.

Monies: US$18

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vote or Dye (pun was bought to you by 5-year-old Timmy of Oklahoma City)

Readers would remember a post I did on theAnti's t-shirt of the incomprehensible Dali. Them crazy kids of theAnti have a competition where you get to vote for your favorite t-shirt designs. You vote for five favorites, which would be the new spring lineup. And people on their mailing lists will be randomly selected for a free t-shirt as well.

While you're casting your votes, don't forget to check out their wares like Meditate and Boston Roots.

Still out on vacation but will post when I'm able to tear myself away from my nights of debauchery.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

We ♥ Katamari Long Time

So here's a bit of old news because even if its originally posted on the day itself, anything posted on BoingBoing is old news. So it's nothing frighteningly original. That and because I'm posting this on my vacation time.


New Katamari Damacy t-shirts!

Monies: US$24.95


Sunday, March 11, 2007

"... You Can Be Me When I Am Gone..."

Hey kiddies! I'm writing this mere hours before I fly the friendly skies to Oklahoma City. So before going, I'm gonna put together a bunch of stuff to hopefully tide you over for the week. This entry just went from shit to "hastily-put-together" shit.
First up, Those Who Control the Media*, the Jews.

That's Jewtastic makes you display your inner Jew with their lovely Kosher line of apparel. Here's a t-shirt that's just in time for the yearly Irish tradition of getting drunk and fighting/pissing in the streets.

Monies: US$18.50

Next up is Teetsy. Some of their t-shirts are going real cheap like this Regrets tee. I could make up a pun about how you would "regret" if you didn't buy their "Regret" t-shirt but apparently I still have an iota of standard.

Shipping in America is free for Teetsy.

Monies: US$10

We have Insanely Great Tees, which by their name, just summarized everything about them in a nutshell. What you won't know by their name alone though, is that they operate from New York and it's for geeks, by geeks.

I like their new tee because they promised I would shoot nice pictures when I wear it. Now they wouldn't lie to me, would they?

Monies: US$17

Remember that mustache t-shirt by Chris Glass, now Glass has something for the ladies. Er, I mean, he has one about different hairdos, just to be more specific.

As usual, Glass has pretty moving pictures to include with this t-shirt.

Monies: US$24

Well, that's it. I'll be back, kiddies. Just don't be doing things I won't recommend you to do.

*No, they don't control the media, Mr. Richards.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Coffee Betch

I love this t-shirt because it's sooo true.

Kristen Stewart (the artist not the actor), who designed the tee, is an oracle of some sort. She scries into the dark hearts of the future and retrieves these slivers of lighted truths and when confronted, we laugh because to some, laughter is a defense mechanism and to others, it's an acceptance of truth.

And that truth is... cute talking coffee cups will overthrow us all as we fall slave to her bitter teat!

I suggest instead of drowning Stewart to prove she's a witch, why not punish her with money for her truth-telling?

Monies: US$20

PS: Be sure to check out her other "yet-to-be-released" tee, I Have a Gift For You.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The 4One1 on the 2One5

Carly Markowitz shot me an e-mail about their new cmyk designers series from 2One5. Like the namesake, all designs utilized the subtractive color mode (cyan, magenta, yellow and key [black]). It's restrictions that produces the most original work, if you ask me.

Currently, they have Superstar* and a new cmyk-bandit hoodie, which is really more of Andrew Bowness' area of expertise.

Do check out the rest of 2One5 line of sports/urban-inspired apparel like Sir Charles and Native Sole.

All tees have been individually hand numbered by the artist and are extremely limited runs.

Monies: US$35

*not affiliated with Molly Shannon or Jesus Christ

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Know Your Onion

Hey kids!

Spring break is upon us like the great tide of doom so why not do something that doesn't require you peeling your tops off to flash your boobies for the camera and cheap beads... why not cover your horrid nakedness with t-shirts from Threadless?!!!

Threadless is now having a Spring Break Sale where t-shirts are going for US$10 a pop! Might I suggest this apt t-shirt, Nesting Dolls, a unique play on the Russian knick-knack. Don't just wear it, ponder the deeper significance of this t-shirt: a t-shirt about a twist on the nesting dolls, covers your skin, which covers your meat, which covers your bones, which covers your essence...

Wearing this t-shirt will... blow. Your. Mind.

Sale ends March 12.

Monies: US$10

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