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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


After seeing the Pop Noodle t-shirt (styled after Warhol's Campbell soup) a few moons ago, I longed to know where the tee came from and just yesterday, I got my answer.

produces Asian-centric designs and they're pretty spiffy. Take the beautiful, sold out Phoenix Down stencil for the ladies. It's a detailed spray painted stencil on a sheer jersey top.

I'm leaning toward the faux baseball team, the Okinawa Ogres for men. Japan should really capitalize on their domestic products what with all the rampaging monsters in Tokyo and put them on the baseball team.

What's even better is that 70six is having a 50% sale and if you get two t-shirts and more, shipping is free within the US.

Monies: US$8.50 - 9.00

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