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Monday, March 05, 2007

Know Your Onion

Hey kids!

Spring break is upon us like the great tide of doom so why not do something that doesn't require you peeling your tops off to flash your boobies for the camera and cheap beads... why not cover your horrid nakedness with t-shirts from Threadless?!!!

Threadless is now having a Spring Break Sale where t-shirts are going for US$10 a pop! Might I suggest this apt t-shirt, Nesting Dolls, a unique play on the Russian knick-knack. Don't just wear it, ponder the deeper significance of this t-shirt: a t-shirt about a twist on the nesting dolls, covers your skin, which covers your meat, which covers your bones, which covers your essence...

Wearing this t-shirt will... blow. Your. Mind.

Sale ends March 12.

Monies: US$10

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