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Friday, June 29, 2007

Something for the Weekend

More t-shirt news you can shake a big fat stick at!
Nerdy Shirts have t-shirt sale, t-shirts as low as US$5 like Nostalgia. The design of black on Asphalt grey may be hard on your eyes but it sure is easy on your wallet. Cheapo.

Monies: US$5

I love the Office, both the British and Yankee versions of it. So the world is a better place that there are two t-shirts in tribute to that.

First up, we have Lancoliame with their homage, which goes to show even people from other lands have a sense of humor. Lancoliame uses Spreadshirt printing.

Then secondly, we have Snorg Tees with Scrantonicity. Based on Kevin's cover band of the Police, a portmanteau (look it up the Internet) of Scranton, Pennsylvania and the Police album, Synchonicity.

Monies: Lancoliame's The Office - US$26.98 - US$30, Scrantonicity - US$16.95

My favorite webcomic, A Softer World have new t-shirts that will provoke you into thinking.

'nuff said.

Monies: US$17 - US$19

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Comedians of Comedy

Upper Playground has an impressive array of t-shirts but being a fan of the comedic arts, I'm gonna have to make this the one to buy.

These are funny people (bet you can't name them all), well-deserving of their craft, although I would have like to see more heads added like Mitch Hedberg or Garry Shandling.

I heard the guys at Upper Playground were kicking around an idea of a t-shirt of woman comedians but they don't exist.


Ladies, I'm kidding.

Monies: US$24

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Monsieur T. Fall / Winter Sneak

Sneaks from Monsieur T. Fall / Winter lineup. You gotcha Ryan Berkley, Beau Berkley, Martin Ontiveros, Andy Rementer, and Jackson Pollack , I mean, Ruben Sanchez.



Here's news that you already know.

Ten Bills released their third series of t-shirts entitled, "Our World, Today." I lust after Ashes to Ashes because it has skulls. Oh, and the underlying message of smoking and death or something.

Edit - According to the artist, the design is indeed about smoking and death.

Monies: US$10 (duh)


Friday, June 22, 2007

"Now You Know You ABCs"

Human Empire, based in Hamburg, sent me their link to their site, and I post it here verbatim:!

Needless to say, the site never appeared. There's no need to add triple colons and an exclaimation point to showcase your enthusiasm. Let your wares do the talking like letting people stop to stare at your torso because "it sure looked like the alphabet but... is that an 'E'?"

Monies: US$32


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spitting Teeth

If you're like me and I'm not referring to my clones, whom I've yet to find and kill (only 12 more of you bastards), your interest is piqued by the image of a luchadore in a sharp suit kicking some schmuck in the face.

This is how advertising work, kiddies. This is how Calavera Comics hook you. And you gleefully go along with it.

Monies: US$18

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"When You're Running Down the Street on Fire, People Get Out of Your Way."

I was watching Blazing Saddles and I was reminded that Richard Pryor co-wrote the movie. So basically, this t-shirt is up because of nostalgia.

And then I'm also reminded that the man is dead.


Monies: US$14


Monday, June 18, 2007

Help McSweeney's!

As a literary fan, the Believer is top on my reading list. I received word that McSweeney's in trouble. Their distributor is filed for bankruptcy and McSweeney's lost US$130,000 in earnings. To recoup their losses, McSweeney's having an auction of rarities and a sale.

Since this being a t-shirt blog, I thought I direct you to their fine line of apparel. They're sardonic and funny and dare I say it, thought-provoking.

And besides, who wouldn't want to wear a t-shirt that says, "nothing is impossible when you work for the circus."

Monies: US$15.40

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Friday, June 15, 2007


Momimomi (I think it's a Sanskrit swear word) has a new Summer lineup. I know not of what sort of designs they are but they draw me in like a scurvy-ladened sailor drawn to a siren.



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New News

1. Tasty Tees have a summer t-shirt party where they will have a meet-and-greet of artists and will be selling their summer 2007 line. Do make an appearance on June 28th, from 6 - 9 PM at Madam X Lounge 94 W Houston St. (at LaGuardia Place).

2. Some kind reader directed us to this brand from Mexico city. It's called NaCo and I would put up an image or two but the site is in flash, which is my kryptonite but take my word for it, some of the designs are pretty nice.

3. Florian from Munich, Germany likes to refer to himself in the third person when he writes in his e-mail, "Here is a cool Shirt from Munich art student Florian Baumgartner."

It kinda look like it sprung from the mind of a Discordian, no? You can order this t-shirt via Baumgartner's e-mail address on his site.

Monies: 15 Euro or around US$20.

4. I love these Asian-centric t-shirts from Singaporean site, Fuchsia Lane. Designs are very limited and expensive but IMHO, it's worth it. I can't afford it but I know one of you readers have expensive taste.

Monies: About US$32 for the ladies and US$36 for the men. US$57 for the pair.

5. Tees My Body did some re-designing on some of their products like Jheri Curled Yoda but their latest Caruso CSI: Miami t-shirt...

... just brings me to this.

O Caruso, what the hell happened to you after NYPD Blue?

Monies: US$12.99

6. And finally, remember the last post about Fader's latest photo issue with Jerry Garcia on the cover and the t-shirt to commemorate it with?

Well, Calvin from the promotions department wants to send one lucky winner a Jerry Garcia t-shirt designed by Si Scott and a limited edition poster.

All you have to do is answer these two questions :

1) Where does designer Si Scott abide in?
2) What's the name of Ben and Jerry's Garcia-inspired ice-cream?

That's it. Really simple.

Send your answers to keyser1812 [at] sbcglobal [dot] net with your name and e-mail address by June 14 midnight. There's not much time so get to it.

Edit: It's over, sucka! Deal with it!

Only one entry per person. If there are more than one correct entry, we'll get a trained monkey to randomly select a winner.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Dead Head

I got an e-mail about a little something-something from Fader magazine. Some of you hipsters would know Fader, being the repository of all things new and cool has Jerry Garcia on their latest issue 46 and to commemorate it, they're selling t-shirts for you Deadheads out there.

The t-shirt is designed by Si Scott, who does this mind-blowing calligraphy.

Monies: US$25

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Friday, June 08, 2007

This Shirt is Ozzing with Machismo

[2 one 5] have new t-shirts like Barrio. It has been proven by Science* that by wearing said t-shirt would add a little machismo in your already addled life.

Monies: US$35

*not actual Science. The pseudo kind.


Thursday, June 07, 2007


20% off suckas!

Also, new t-shirt. Can you say Amélie?

Monies: US$19.95 (20% off), US$24.95 (

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Women Who Are Phallic-Looking and the Men Who Love Them

John Bolton does jaw-dropping art. His work can be seen in comic books or if you're prudish, graphic novels.

Bolton has a very limited edition t-shirt based on this design below -

And this is the preliminary design of the t-shirt (might change).

So how do you get it? Send a request of your sizing and location and the goblins will return with a price, postage and shipping cost for it.


Monday, June 04, 2007


Isn't it grand. One more day of new Threadless tees at US$10. For more joy to fill your meaningless existence, David Malki ! of Wondermark wonderment has two new tees like... NINJA ON A BICYCLE!*

Monies: Threadless - US$10, Wondermark - US$16

*it'll make sense once you read this.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

In Apologia

Sorry for maintaining radio silence for this whole week but I've been dealing with some personal issues (no sir, it's nothing to do with my sexual identity).

Just want to let you know about the Threadless summer sale because I'm the sort of guy who likes to tell people what they already know. By the by, they have a contest where you can extend the sale, which ends June 3, by 24 hours. This means you can have buy the newer designs that come out on Monday for the sweet US$10 price.

How do you do that, you ask? Well, there's a competition where if enough people in the entire world were to send in their photos taken at designated spots wearing a Threadless t-shirt, they're one step closer in winning a cooler filled with magic and fairies. And also one step closer in extending the deadline.

As of now, there's still Dracula's castle; the UFO museum and the world potato expo, just to name a few, that's still left for you Threadless-head to take a picture in front of.

Remember guys, we can all do our part and only then can we achieve the 24-hour extension. Also world peace.