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Sunday, March 11, 2007

"... You Can Be Me When I Am Gone..."

Hey kiddies! I'm writing this mere hours before I fly the friendly skies to Oklahoma City. So before going, I'm gonna put together a bunch of stuff to hopefully tide you over for the week. This entry just went from shit to "hastily-put-together" shit.
First up, Those Who Control the Media*, the Jews.

That's Jewtastic makes you display your inner Jew with their lovely Kosher line of apparel. Here's a t-shirt that's just in time for the yearly Irish tradition of getting drunk and fighting/pissing in the streets.

Monies: US$18.50

Next up is Teetsy. Some of their t-shirts are going real cheap like this Regrets tee. I could make up a pun about how you would "regret" if you didn't buy their "Regret" t-shirt but apparently I still have an iota of standard.

Shipping in America is free for Teetsy.

Monies: US$10

We have Insanely Great Tees, which by their name, just summarized everything about them in a nutshell. What you won't know by their name alone though, is that they operate from New York and it's for geeks, by geeks.

I like their new tee because they promised I would shoot nice pictures when I wear it. Now they wouldn't lie to me, would they?

Monies: US$17

Remember that mustache t-shirt by Chris Glass, now Glass has something for the ladies. Er, I mean, he has one about different hairdos, just to be more specific.

As usual, Glass has pretty moving pictures to include with this t-shirt.

Monies: US$24

Well, that's it. I'll be back, kiddies. Just don't be doing things I won't recommend you to do.

*No, they don't control the media, Mr. Richards.

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