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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Can I Have That in a Sentence?

Hey kiddies. Remember that post I did, raving about the Disestablishmentarian tee? Well, Change the Thought has a change of heart and are having their holiday sale, which ends January 7th. All their equally awesome t-shirts are at US$10 a piece.

For the new year, maybe you can impress the ladies (or the guys) by how large your vocabulary is.

Monies: US$10!

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Let the Good Times Roll!

The year comes to an end. A lot of things have happened: OJ tried to make a comeback; Hussein was executed; the Dems took control of the House; Tara Reid still clings to the image of drunken mess... as we usher out Father Time in a gurney and welcome Baby New Year in a cot, let's recount of what we have done and how we can make next year's better.

But for now... let's party like it's 2006!

Dirty Coast's t-shirts are infused with the spirit of New Orleans. The riotous tribute to Louis Prima, the explicitness of identity, and a single phrase (above) that synonymous with the city itself.

Monies: US$20 - US$25


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kids for Kali!

Being the progressive sort, this post is for the kiddies.

What started out as a idea for a poster about Hindu gods led to The Little Book of Hindu Deities. The creator, Sanjay Patel (an animator and story-board artist at Pixar), also printed up two t-shirts for the kids. The t-shirt about Kali made me smile, then made me frown because there isn't a size for adults.

Monies: US$25

Update: Apparently there were a small run of adult tees that were sold out at San Diego Comic Con. Patel said he might print up another run for adults but that won't happen anytime soon. He added, "maybe he'll get the ball rolling in a couple of months."

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Monday, December 25, 2006

1933 - 2006


Monies: US$17.99

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"... my true love gave to me..."

Guess what I'm giving to my imaginary girlfriend on Christmas?

It's a Cold Winter 3/4 sleeve shirt and matching panties (because I'm romantic like that). They can be bought from the beautifully-haunting Tara McPherson.

Monies: US$30


Sunday, December 24, 2006

The New Punk Rock

Someone should tell Stale Printing to print up more t-shirts like MBLP.

Monies: US$15

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

"PCP saved My Life"

Looking at Tim Gough's work feels like being on PCP, even though I had never ingested PCP before. But if I did, it would be like looking at Gough's work.

Poketo carries Gough's work like Lion (for men and the ladies) and my personal favorite, Money (for men and the ladies).

Monies: US$24


Friday, December 22, 2006

Real Men

Jason Kottke came up with this clever prototype for the wii-generation. A little tweak in the design and the placement of the type and the t-shirt is ready for sale.

That's right. It's not on sale yet. Yes, it's okay to cry.

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Me So Horny... for Manatee

So what do I do after a classy post of an interview with Oremland? I revert to type and post something like t-shirts from Horny Manatee. Well, screw you and the high horse you rode on, buddy. I like Conan O'Brien and I like the horny manatee as well.

But it isn't the exploitation of manatees in compromising positions. With every t-shirt you purchase, five bucks will go to the Save the Manatee Club. Isn't it great? You get to elevate your manatee fetish guilt by donating to a good cause! It works out in the end!

Monies: US$25

PS: I promise the next post will be classy.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Even Tech Girls Have Boobies!

I wrote about Valleyschwag in a previous post and I mentioned how geek chic is fashionable but can it be sexy for the ladies?

Kathy Sierra addresses the point on whether tech t-shirts are sexy for the female form and what they can do to bring sexy back.

The Original American Gothic

My favorite poet? Edgar Poe. No contest. If you're not swayed by The Raven, you must not be a fan of birds, melancholia and the trochaic octameter (the who-what-now?).

If you're a fan, Ichabod's has just the thing for you. The Poe t-shirt is printed on American Apparel and if you're not feeling black, there are other colors you can choose from. Ichabod's also gives 10% of net profits from every sale they make to one of the four organizations they're working with.

Go on. Wear the image of the cousin-marrying, seemingly-alcoholic, unappreciated-genius. Wear him next to your tell-tale heart.

Monies: US$22

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Monday, December 18, 2006

You Can Rhyme Orange with... Morange.

Everybody knows that piece of ditty, Singin' in the Rain. Sure, Don Lockwood can be literal about it but A Clockwork Orange's Alex takes it to the next level by making it synonymous with rape and assault.

I love I Love Waterloo because they made the Clockwork Orange t-shirt and they have a promotion where you get one free if you buy three tees. Them fine Argentinean droogs also sent in a coupon code for 10% discount. Just type in: shirtonme

"What's it going to be then, eh?"

Monies: US$24.95

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Black on White or White on Black

My parents bought me, as a small child, to the zoo. There was this moment when we stop at the zebra enclosure and questions arose in my freakishly large head. Questions like "is the animal black with white stripes or is it white with black stripes" and soon after, "what's that male zebra doing to the lady zebra?"

O nature, is there anything you wouldn't do to bring about an uncomfortable silence between my parents and I?

Susie Ghahremani (it's Iranian, you xenophobes!), singer, artist, maker of... er, stuff, has a website called where you can find t-shirts of a zebra crossed with a keyboard and other pretty stuff.

Monies: US$20

Update: If you're planning to purchase wares from her online store, it'll be down for the next twenty-four hours because Ms. Ghahremani will be at Bazaar Bizarre selling her wares in person.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Dieser Satz ist auf Deutsch.

At someone's behest I went to check out this online t-shirt shop, called SA-K, which I'm assuming are initials for the creator, Sascha Köhmstedt. The site is in German and I don't read German. So here's a translation of Psycho Punk, courtesy of Babelfish (Babelfish: where we translate even worse than Engrish!)


"Carry for all those for the Punk in the soul. For all those always a little differently and more revved up were. Knallig orangener print in the chest range as well as neck."

Monies: 29.90 € or US$39.11

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rock the Cock

You know the kind of "happy accident," when you're in the shower and you're just touching yourself down there and you discover a lump in you sac, and because it's in a benign stage, you manage to remove it and ultimately save your life? That's the kind of happy accident I'm talking about when I discovered Pop Junkie.

Created by Aaron Feiger and Ashley Marcinczyk, the two are based in San Francisco and they have a plethora of designs. Some on pillow cases and plates but this is a t-shirt blog, so let's talk about their apparel.

I'm not sure what kind of t-shirt is printed on but it sure looks comfortable. Doesn't Disco Roosters above just blows your mind? Don't fret, gents. There's also a version for you to rock the cock (that picture up there is just for the ladies, and because I like how it looks on Marcinczyk).

Visit their website and check out their winter line-up. And don't forget to check yourself for lumps as well.

Monies: US$25

PS: Don't forget to visit Streetwear where you can find yours truly and many other t-shirt blogs as well. There's also a chance for you to vote as well.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Valleyschwag Holiday Package

It was a great idea: gather up some free Silicon Valley freebies and charge for shipping and handling. Package may contain buttons, pens, a series of knick-knacks but the highlight of the package was always the t-shirt. It may seem rather louche to don a corporate logo but the design tends to overshadow the fact. Somehow, geek wear is also seen as chic.

It was a great idea but Valleyschwag didn't anticipate the enormous response and the problems that came with it. It seems to collapse under its own weight of success. Since September, the Valleyschwag gang retreated to the drawing board to re-think its formula. Save for a few posts on development, nothing has been heard... until now.

Man, that last sentence sounded really cliché.


Valleyschwag is back. Sort of. Without hint or preview, their general store has the latest Valleyschwag package, a VS5 holiday issue. Costing US$12.95, it's much cheaper than the usual US$14.95 but shipping isn't included. Instead, shipping is US$6.05, which brings us to a total of US$19 for the holiday issue package. I hope this is because of the holiday rush and isn't the norm for future Valleyschwag but that would suck immensely.

Currently, it only ships within the US.

Monies: US$12.95 (VS5) US$6.05 (shipping)


Monday, December 11, 2006

Merry Toke-Mas!

Besides smoking around and making sure their cat, Dirty Steve, doesn't relapse into the porn industry, Ashleigh from Tokeworld, also dishes out the holiday wishes. It comes as a video greeting that extols the value of being nice and eating toasts. It's also narrated by, I'm assuming, Stephen Hawking.

There's also a Christmas sale of 40% of many of their t-shirt line-up. My favorite is the Top Hat because I think the thimble is gay. Bully on the rest of us who aren't British as shipping within the UK is free.

Monies: £25

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

I ♥ Tripods

You know the saying "goodwill to all men" but how about "goodwill to all animals" as well? More specifically to dogs. Even more specifically to a three-legged one?

Writer, Sonia Zjawinski, blogs about her dog, Lulu, undergoing bone cancer treatment. Copious amount of monies is spent on Lulu's recovery and Zjawinski is raising funds for her dog (and in the near future, other dogs under the same conditions) through the selling of I ♥ Tripods t-shirts.

Tees are printed on Alternative Apparel (it's like American Apparel without the sexual harassment suit). There are also donation options that includes a limited edition compilation CD, tote bag and other stuff.

So get to it. Deadline to order is by December 15th! Support the Tripod fund! Three legs good, cancer bad!

Monies: US$40

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hungy Hungry Hippos

If you've never heard of Mike Birgilia (if you think reading it, is hard, try saying his name), I understand. The guy's an underrated genius. He's like pre-Patton Oswalt before he made it big with the indie crowds of comedy.

Then I found out that Birbiglia sells t-shirts based on some of his stand-up material. At first, I thought it would be some crappy stencil iron-on to an equally crappy t-shirt that's made out of a potato sack and pubes but thanks to Mike's brother, the t-shirts are American Apparel.

Marblevore is based on Birbiglia's joke that he always thought hippos ate white marbles. That joke sounded a lot funnier when he tells it.

Monies: US$17.50 - US$21.99

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Heeheehee... poop.

Monies: US$20 (t-shirt) US$25 (hoodie)

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Red Light on a White Christmas

It's December and there's only a few more days to get presents for yourself and your love ones but you gotta show some love for your bank account as well. So here are a few sites that are having slashed down holiday prices to appeal to your inner Scrooge.

1) MoonblooD slashed prices of their t-shirts within the US$26 - US$ 28 range. There's plenty for the ladies, like the one worn by the wolf-headed model and only one t-shirt for the men. All t-shirts are printed on an "old-school style super soft PE tee."

2) Shirt Stain (you gotta love that name) is one of my favorite site to shop at. They're having a US$20 for two t-shirts deal that's good up to the end of December. Drop two t-shirts in your shopping cart and enter the coupon code: humbug to get your discount. Wanna know what I'm eying? Mafia Groceries on the left and Hokusai on the right.

3) You can't get exotic like Quixotic Clothing. The fine lady and gent has a US$10.99 sale for all tee (like the godless killing machine) and to further sweeten the pot, shipping with the US of A is free.

4) Dirty Microbe's t-shirts are going at US$12 a pop. Sale will last until December 26th. Geeks would appreciate There's No Place Like ~/ tee. Update: For free shipping, enter "discount_b7" as the coupon code. And without the quotes, you dingus!

5) Burnswell is also going the US$12 per tee route. Sale also last until December 26th (hmmm, what a coinky-dink!) Nothing brings about the Christmas nostalgia quite like an alien (who looks strangely like the third cousin removed from Mars Attack) riding in a ten-cent spaceship kiddy ride. Oh, I'm the only one who thinks that way?

6) The good folks at Tea and Crumpets (ooh, don't mind if I do) have their fall sale of US$12 t-shirts. Tees are screen-printed on American Apparel and Bella like the Raincloud tee for the ladies. They would even ship it to you for free if you order three shirts or more.

6) The always fresh Cotton Factory is going all out with their US$10 sale with an undetermined deadline. Get your favorites like Cult Leader, Loch Ness Lives and my personal favorite, Charles Darwin Smells Like a Monkey. If you're not getting the aforementioned three for the designs then get them because they are all true (Charles Darwin smells more like an unwashed ape but tomato... tomahto).

7) Q: How low can Bedlam Clothing go? A: All their t-shirts are priced at US$6 a piece! Six-damn-dollars! Remember, if you can't afford bling, you can afford a t-shirt that says "blingless."

Here are more.

Random Shirts
- Home of the US$10 tee. Don't forget to check out the clearance sale.
Waffo - Their usual "buy two get one free on any combination of items" will end for good on 12/20/06.
Bernos - The Ethopia-centric company has its lineup at US$15.99.
Tees My Body - Each t-shirt at US$12.99, buy three get one more for free, and a US$5 flat rate shipping no matter how many tees you get. Someone should really test out that theory.
Fantastic Bonanza - 15% off t-shirts.
Oddica - T-shirts are US$15 each. Two for US$28 and three for US$13 each.
Future Relics - Everything is on sale. Even the classic Kid Sniper logo t-shirt is back.
Aisleside - Nothing says aisleside like their US$8 t-shirts.

Oh yeah. And...

Threadless - Let's not neglect their Thirty Days of Threadless Sale, where t-shirts go for US$10 each.


Another One For the Ladies

Most of the time, you'll see t-shirts that are geared toward men. You know the kind there they say, "I'm a Dude, so Do Me" or "I'm Sooo Not a Woman, So Why Are You Not Doing Me"?

One Night Stand Stand Outfitters caters to both genders, which is a rare thing to see. For the guys, you have t-shirts like FUPA and Whore Island but the I Fake It women's tee is the one that made me laugh and it hasn't even arrived yet*.

Monies: US$15.99 - US$19.99

*it's puntastic!

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Insert Opening CSI Theme Music

People Like Us relaunched their website and are back with a vengeance. First up, Brandon Reese, who I can't get enough of, latest Critterguts t-shirt is out and it's called Hoo's Awake. Really, that's what I envisioned an owl's stomach contents would be. I wonder what's next.... maybe Jonah in a whale.

Now PLU also came up with a new spin on the "white t-shirt": People Like Us: White. According to PLU, they are using a new digital printing process allowing tees, like the Self Conscious v2 tee above, to be printed in "millions of colors, gradients and show the finest of details." They say new-age technology, I say it's magic.

The "White" lineup are limited to 100 hand-numbered tees.

And this being the season, all t-shirts are on sale and to make this even sweeter, if you're sending a t-shirt as a gift, you get an additional 10% off.

Monies: US$29.25 (originals) US$44.25 (White)

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Deathday!

I apologize for the absence but... I still love you.

With that out of the way, I received an e-mail from Joe from Fantastic Bonanza, telling me... nay, commanding me to check their site out. I'm particularly drawn to The Birthday Party because it would make a great gift for somebody's birthday party. Somebody really old. Can you say "irony"?

Anyway, Joe, John and Greg of Fantastic Bonanza look like really fun people who should be getting drunk at frats and having unprotected sexings but instead they rather make t-shirts and I say, "good on them."

The tees are printed lovingly by humans hands on American Apparel tees.

Monies: US$20 Update: Fantastic Bonanza is now offering 15% off of everything until December 14th! Check out their other sweet designs like Handshake Unnatural and people's favorite Mustachio. T-shirts are now US$17 each!