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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Garfield Syndrome

Sometimes, when Sunday draws to a close and I feel the million tiny prickings on the heart. Monday is just around the corner. I can see its shadow, growing longer and longer and then finally covers me with its black cape of gloom.

So much so, I won't do anything. Not even write a post.

It's funny but this t-shirt from French site, NoDiktat just describes how I feel.

Monies: US$34

In other news... t-shirts for a cause.

[2 one 5] are keeping busy, this time, they've collaborated with Peace + Love to combat the murder rate in Philadelphia.

T-shirts will soon be available. Meanwhile, check out the t-shirts from Peace + Love.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Eat It

I'll get this out of the way - I like meat. I also like my greens too but I also eat meat. I have no problem with vegetarians or vegans but I don't like those same group to strongarm me into adopting their way of consumption.

I also like a little irony in my life, like posting this t-shirt from an animal rights activist site.

Monies: US$40

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

If I Had a Hammer...

... it would be pretty, pretty like this t-shirt.

Here are three reasons why I'm immediately smitten with Pretty Hammer. According to them, each t-shirt has a story and already for this particular t-shirt, I've formulated one that involves wind-swept hair, rising libido, unrequited love and dinosaurs.

Secondly, it's a nice twist on the heart motif that most t-shirts are wont to have.

And thirdly, Pretty Hammer has a t-shirt in the works and, get this, all the proceeds of the tee will go to the Save Darfur foundation. I mean, you gotta love people who do that sort of thing.

Monies: US$28

Note: If you notice the change in font size, it's not the size of it, it's how you read it.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Journey to the East

I found this store by chance in Bugis Junction, Singapore. I took it as some sort of sign because it was one of the few interesting t-shirt store with unique ideas.

Speaking to the owner, Ignatius Koh, he said he wanted to create something that's inspired by traditional Asian art. Thus, Koh managed to bring about a line-up that's doesn't spit in the face of Asian culture but rather emphasized it on something as Western as a t-shirt.

You could check it out but it's in Singapore and some of you might be too far... hey, what do you know? There's a website where you can purchase the t-shirts.

Monies: US$22

PS: And if you're asking, that dude above isn't me.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Tomoko Konoike is one of my favorite artist. I think she broke into the art scene at 40 and for one, that's kinda commendable and two, she does really lovely work with wolves as you can see here.

I'm so glad that Tokyo Art Beat, has gotten Konoike to contribute to their third line-up.

Monies: US$31

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Yadda Yadda Yadda

Back for now. There'll be a short report on my findings about Thailand but for now, let's see what we have.

PopJunkie have new tees for their Summer lineup like this really attractive Out to Sea t-shirt for the men that makes you wanna saw off your leg and fit it with a peg leg. Also, it also provides you with the right to say, "shiver me timber" without it sounding like an innuendo.

Monies: US$30 - US$35

Dirty Coast is always dealing out new designs that embodies the New Orleans spirit. Take their latest Making Groceries t-shirt, being the idiot that I am, I thought it's along the lines of "making water" but that's not the case. It's a New Orleans expression to mean "food shopping."

But what I wanna bring your attention to The Louis Armstrong Foundation and the Louis Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp For Kids. Dirty Coast is selling tees (above) to help the foundation and I think that's a pretty good way to start the week, don't you think?

Monies: US$22

Finally, we have a party for the cool kids (this means you). [2 one 5] in collaboration with J Shoes will be raising the roof, or whatever it is you kids say. They'll be pumping out fresh rhymes for you to boogie at and also a chance for you to peruse their fine assortment of wares. The shindig is held July 27th. Visit [2 one 5] for more details.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guess What?

Monsieur T has a mid summer sale! 30% off, fool!


Damn You Joe!

Seeing as how, Joe (I'm so Fantastic that chicks and dudes dig me!) always love to one-up me, I guess I should also point out that Joe introduced a Triskaidekaphobia t-shirt in response to the last post. The t-shirt in question is from Uneetee, who's having a US$12 sale for 12 days.

Many might know Joe from Fantastic Bonanza. They used to sell t-shirts but now they rather talk about them instead.* Nice going, guys!

In other news...

mashPOTATO released two new t-shirts - Chopsticks V.S. Cookie and God of Seafood (above).

Also, I'll be outta town for a few days but I'll try to update whenever I can.

*dripping with sarcasm.


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Friday, July 13, 2007

Triske-something something...

Today is Friday the 13. Oooh, scary. I've never been the one for superstitions but out of habit I would parade around in frill undergarments, belting out "Like a Virgin" before I start Monday. That way, I'm assured that the rest of the week will be dandy.

But enough of my secret confessionals, here's a t-shirt to lighten your mood on this foreboding day. Young Lovers has this tongue-in-cheek air about it that I love.

Monies: US$49


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"All You Pretty Things"

That's what I said. "Ooh, pretty," when I saw this latest t-shirt from Emil Kozak, who's pretty famous for his type tee.

It's a little busy but there's a method to the madness. According to the info at Monsieur T, apparently it's a design of people high fiving, so don't be shy, feel free to stare really long and hard at it, especially when someone's wearing it. It's only polite.

Sorry dudes. Only for the ladies.

Monies: US$35


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two Thumbs Up

Sometimes I watch a movie, I look at a t-shirt and I'm like, "where do I get that?" Especially with Chumscrubber that image of the silhouette of a decapitated body holding a head, it really grabbed me.

Then I realized that it's only sold in Hot Tropic and I really, really don't wanna compromise my dignity by shopping there.

Of course, there are places that sell movie-themed t-shirts like I Love Waterloo and places that sell t-shirts seen in movies like Found Item Clothing.

Bye Bye Tokyo has a t-shirt from the movie Elephant directed by Gus Van Sant*. I like the simple design but with a name like Elephant, couldn't Van Sant chosen an actual elephant on the t-shirt or did he feel it was too literal?

Monies: 19,90€ or US$27

*I still hate Last Days, Gus Van Sant. Really hate it. It's a pretentious piece of crap. Half-way into the movie, I felt like blowing my brains out.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Nice to Meet Jew and Other Puns

Like That's Jewtastic, Shalom Shirts has Jewish-centric t-shirts for both Chosen and Goy alike. This design made my Monday.

It's a known fact that beesides Krav Maga, Jew Jitsu is very popular in the Israeli Security Forces.

Monies: US$16


Friday, July 06, 2007


Back then, Teetsy had these awesome t-shirts like Gauntlet and Regrets (posted here) but now those two and others are gone! Gone like a virginity on prom night! O when, when will these sweet sweet t-shirts return, I ask you, when?

It's a good thing that Teetsy came up with new t-shirts like JAGGANATH and WOLF (at US$24). Teetsy also sells cuffs! Wrist ornaments for the ladies!

But this is a t-shirt blog so we must talk of t-shirt things. Here's a new design from Teetsy that will BURN ITSELF UNTO YOUR CHEST!!!*

Monies: US$18

*scars are cool.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Here we are folks, going back in time. We're rushing past the Matrix and X-Men and "Wassup" and Pokemon and finally we reach the age of Transformers. Nerdy Shirts are kicking your asses back to 1984 where owning a Transformer toy doesn't result in a swirlie and now you can own t-shirts that used to be cool in the past but now is even cooler thanks to the Transformer movie! Yaay retro!

Monies: US$20


Signs and Portents

Studio Duplo is big in Japan. So conversely, wearing their t-shirts will make you big in Japan too. But not big in that sense.

What I like about this one is the stark contrast of the city signs, often found in Harajuku, pasted against the beckoning dark. Simples yet complex.

Monies: US$27


Monday, July 02, 2007


Something from Nuda Tees to start the week.

So... if you wear this t-shirt out on a night of hard drinking, what are the odds of someone peeing on you?

Ponder that for a minute.

Monies: US$15