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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mine's Old-timey Villian 'Stache

It's one thing to wear a t-shirt of quality but to see how it was made is something else. It's a better appreciation for the hard-working souls behind the product.

Facial Hairshirt on Vimeo

Through a video, we see how Chris Glass gets his idea out of his head, onto a piece of paper and finally onto a t-shirt. It's a marvel seeing the man work, adding cross-hatches to his art, all freehand.

And the t-shirt is a dandy too. There's even a little handy key at the bottom of the tee toward the seam.

T-shirts are printed on AA and 10% of the profits of Facial Hairshirt goes to Locks of Love. Pretty apt, I might say.

Monies: US$20

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