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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blow Your Mind

I've posted a grenade-themed shirt and its supposedly a take on explosive creativity... whatever that means. Now Spraygraphic has taken the the idea of the mind being a powerful weapon, one step further. Enter the Mind Grenade tee: two hemisphere of grey matter and a pin just waiting to be pulled.

Don't forget to checkout the other visually thought-provoking t-shirts in Spraygraphic lineup too.

Monies: US$26


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Say What?

Everybody knows that 'antidisestablihmentarianism' is one of the longest word in general usuage, the longest being 'floccinaucinihilipilification,' meaninig describing something as worthless.
Here's a tee from Change the Thought, which I think, it's very clever, that seeks to advocate going against the grain.
The Disestablishmentarian tee is printed with Platisol, which help prevents cracking after washing, and on brown American Apparel, which puts child laborers out of jobs.
Do you think, Threadless TypeTees is kicking itself for not printing a shirt like this?

Monies: US$22.99

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Divine Wind

"In the Japanese language, kamikaze, usually translated as "divine wind" (kami is the word for "god", "spirit", or "divinity"; and kaze for "wind"), came into being as the name of a legendary typhoon said to have saved Japan from a Mongol invasion fleet in 1281."

The Divine Wind is printed in platisol inks on a military olive tee. The shop, GM Tee sells Asian-themed tees and is located in Hong Kong and they ship worldwide.

Monies: US$34.95

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Big Fish

New shirts at Threadless and for some odd reason, I like this one.

Monies: $15 for guys and $17 for women and kids

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Evolution of Obedience

You've seen Frank Shepard Fairey's work. Stickers of "Andre the Giant has a Posse" has appeared all over the world like a meme gone wild. After that, the sticker campaign evolved into the "Obey Giant" campaign. In the Orwellian spirit, here's a shirt that represent our troubled times.

From Poletarian Threads, Obey Bush is printed on non-toxic water-based inks on American Apparel tees. Sure we may be living under him but we sure as hell don't have to take his shit.

Monies: US$14.99

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wait... Who Shot First?

Lincoln Shot First! That's right. Johnny Wilkes Booth wasn't the only gunslinger in Ford's Theatre. Was it self-defense on Booth's part or was it on Lincoln's? Nobody knows but Kristopher Straub who designed the shirt and created Starslip Crisis.

The shirts are printed on 100% cotton and retails fro $17.95.

Monies: US$17.95

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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Return of RTFM

In the past, LaFraise (an excellent t-shirt site by the by) unleashed the RTFM t-shirt. Printed on an American Apparel t-shirt, the design evoked the tacky commie shirts of the past (think Che Guevara). I would tell you the price but that shirt is sadly, sold out (only 500 were printed).

But there's another site that sells a variation of it. Introducing RTFM Vol. 2 at All-Tribes. It's slightly cheaper than LaFraise. It retails at 20,50 euros, which after conversion, is... fifty gold coins and a chicken or something.

Monies: 20,50€

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Dragon that Breathes Love

I came across this tee and I took a liking to it. There's something about this shirt that hearkens to mind besides the strange association to Puzzle Bobble.
"Look Da, it's a dwagon!"
"Careful boy, it'll rend your tasty pink flesh from your calcium-enriched bones."
"But it's bweathing love!"
"... fine. I'll get you a size small."

There are other designs at The System site like You Only Want Me for My Jetpack ($13) and MIDI Brigade (only XL $10) and I'm pretty sure they will be coming a lot more designs later.

Monies: Dragon that Breathes Love - $17


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Shirt According to Malki!

Wondermark is one of my favorite webcomics that publishes every Tuesday and Friday. In one strip, the artist, David Malki! (the exclamation denotes excitement or shouting anger) makes fun / breaks down the concept of a shirt geared toward the ironist generation. This is that strip.

And in Wondermark fashion, Malki! has them on sale.

(Malki! Malki! Man, it's fun to say his name. Malki!)

Oh and shirts are $16 including shipping if you're living in the United States.

Monies: $16

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Great Moment

"The man who throws a bomb is an artist because he prefers a great moment to everything."
G K Chesterton

I like art and you can find it in abundance in the comic book medium. Artbomb is a site where myriad of graphic novels of worth (forget about mainstream Marvel or DC lineup!) are promoted like Eisner's A Contract with God and Moore's A Small Killing.
Many moons ago, Artbomb had an offer where any purchased graphic novel would also net you an official Artbomb tee for free.
Designed by Brian Wood, who also created the Northern Boy line up, the image of a grenade with the words, "Pull the Pin" is provocative, especially in this day and age. Right now, there's only size S for men and one-size fits all baby tees for women.

Monies: $14.95

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Tentacle Porn!

... well not really.

What I did above is called "shock advertising." I have no shame.

So I was scouting for a nice cheap shirt and I came across Octopus Ink, a small printing company. Not only do they produce professional printing for their clients, they also have their tentacle into making their own t-shirt line, one of which, is their logo tee priced at $6.
Not only is the cost attractive, the simplicity of the design and that it comes in "hundreds of different color combinations," makes this an easy buy. All shirts are printed on 100% Gildan tees. It's also free with any order of Octopus Ink products like The Horror line shirts and Public Goods.

Monies: $6 or free with any Octopus Ink order.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cotton Factory Sale

I forgotten to add this!

I was reading through TEEES and came across a sale at the Cotton Factory. Most of their shirts are at $10 a piece. And they have a lot of shirts. About 90 odd shirts to choose from.

I'm getting this tee... well, because I'm Cliché.


The Start of Things to Come


Truth be told, I was a little leery in making another "t-shirt blog" in an ocean of established blogs about t-shirts. There's Preshrunk, and Teejunkie and a hoodie/long-sleeved blog, Hide Your Arms.

I don't know if I can ever bring this site to their level but Caviezel wept... I have too much free time and I love t-shirts. "How much," you ask? Well, I'm just a few steps from making love to it, that's how much! So to start this off, here's a listing of end-of-Summer sales.

1) Threadless - The grandaddy of t-shirts is having a 666 $10 Back to School sale. 6 new shirts comes out each day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Select shirts are discounted to $20. Even more splendid is that if you use the coupon code "STAY CLASSY" at checkout*, you get $3 dollars off. Sale ends August 21st.

2) Bedlam Clothing - Every shirts in stock are priced at $10 to make room for new designs. I got the Vito & Michael & Sonny & Fredo shirt because apparently I'm a Godfather geek. Sale ends... until everything is sold out.

3) Oddica - With 30 shirts in their catalog, August is sale month at Oddica. Use the coupon code "tell" at checkout to get $7 off. Share that joy with your friends. Sale ends August 31st.

4) Shamplade - According to their site, it's "$12 on most tees." The only shirt that isn't on sale is the "Splashbacks: the Poor Man's Bidet" shirt. Go figure.

5) Monsierur T - 50% off on their wares. An absolute favorite of mine, I bought their limited edition Plumed Serpent by Martin Ontiveros just a week before they implemented their Summer sale. I would kick myself but... what the hell. What's a few more dollars for a nice t-shirt.

6) Teetonic - Like Threadless only Scottish (okay, so they're not really like Threadless...). All tees are at £15 each and with every fifth order, your shirt will be free. Sale ends August 31st.

7) Future Relic - I was introduced to them from Josh Spear. All Future Relic tees are $15. Check out the other items as well.

I hope these are adequate. Who knows, maybe I'll write about cheap shirts... because in each and everyone of us lie a cheap bastard.

Fare thee well.

*thanks to T-Shirt Review for the tip!