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Monday, March 26, 2007

Review: [ 2 one 5 ]

We just got back and a package from [ 2 one 5 ] was waiting for us. You remember the post of [ 2 one 5 ] we did of their CMYK series.

Within the package is a letter and said t-shirt.

I was curious about the envelope. I opened it, hoping it be racy photos or money but it was a hand-written letter from Carly Markowitz.

How sweet. I was hoping the letter would end with XOXO but that would be weird. *sniff* Is that perfume? Anyway, on to the meat of the entry: the t-shirt.

That's right. Feel free to make jest of my photo-taking skills but know that I'm well-hung than 80% of you. Instead, here's a clearer look of the t-shirt from [ 2 one 5 ] website's instead and pretend that's my taut body under the apparel.

The material is a 100% cotton Alstyle tee and it's gonna sound strange but I like that it has a certain weight to it when you wear it. They say the print is an updated elephant print design of OG Jordan. I was excited because I thought I have a a t-shirt that was made from an actual elephant skin. It wasn't. We've further elaborated that I'm an idiot.

I like how the print is raised. It's a pleasing synergy of the t-shirt color and print design. At the hem of my tee is written the limited edition number of my tee. I love how it's such a throwback to old school limited edition days.

[ 2 one 5 ] makes me feel special. I'm 47 out of 96. Wheeee!

More interestingly, behind the tee, near the neckline, I'm assuming, is the artist's calling sign or Spike Lee in the style of "Kilroy was here." FYI: the artist is Nikolas Greenblatt, former pro snowboarder, now artist.

Summing up, I like this t-shirt. A lot. I'm wearing it now as I type, which is always a good indication that I like it because most of the time I would walk around in the buff. Just ask my grandparents. There are other fine t-shirt designs over at [ 2 one 5 ] and, a rarely seen thing, customer service is wonderful.



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