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Friday, June 29, 2007

Something for the Weekend

More t-shirt news you can shake a big fat stick at!
Nerdy Shirts have t-shirt sale, t-shirts as low as US$5 like Nostalgia. The design of black on Asphalt grey may be hard on your eyes but it sure is easy on your wallet. Cheapo.

Monies: US$5

I love the Office, both the British and Yankee versions of it. So the world is a better place that there are two t-shirts in tribute to that.

First up, we have Lancoliame with their homage, which goes to show even people from other lands have a sense of humor. Lancoliame uses Spreadshirt printing.

Then secondly, we have Snorg Tees with Scrantonicity. Based on Kevin's cover band of the Police, a portmanteau (look it up the Internet) of Scranton, Pennsylvania and the Police album, Synchonicity.

Monies: Lancoliame's The Office - US$26.98 - US$30, Scrantonicity - US$16.95

My favorite webcomic, A Softer World have new t-shirts that will provoke you into thinking.

'nuff said.

Monies: US$17 - US$19

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