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Friday, June 01, 2007

In Apologia

Sorry for maintaining radio silence for this whole week but I've been dealing with some personal issues (no sir, it's nothing to do with my sexual identity).

Just want to let you know about the Threadless summer sale because I'm the sort of guy who likes to tell people what they already know. By the by, they have a contest where you can extend the sale, which ends June 3, by 24 hours. This means you can have buy the newer designs that come out on Monday for the sweet US$10 price.

How do you do that, you ask? Well, there's a competition where if enough people in the entire world were to send in their photos taken at designated spots wearing a Threadless t-shirt, they're one step closer in winning a cooler filled with magic and fairies. And also one step closer in extending the deadline.

As of now, there's still Dracula's castle; the UFO museum and the world potato expo, just to name a few, that's still left for you Threadless-head to take a picture in front of.

Remember guys, we can all do our part and only then can we achieve the 24-hour extension. Also world peace.



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