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Thursday, July 26, 2007

If I Had a Hammer...

... it would be pretty, pretty like this t-shirt.

Here are three reasons why I'm immediately smitten with Pretty Hammer. According to them, each t-shirt has a story and already for this particular t-shirt, I've formulated one that involves wind-swept hair, rising libido, unrequited love and dinosaurs.

Secondly, it's a nice twist on the heart motif that most t-shirts are wont to have.

And thirdly, Pretty Hammer has a t-shirt in the works and, get this, all the proceeds of the tee will go to the Save Darfur foundation. I mean, you gotta love people who do that sort of thing.

Monies: US$28

Note: If you notice the change in font size, it's not the size of it, it's how you read it.

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