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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two Thumbs Up

Sometimes I watch a movie, I look at a t-shirt and I'm like, "where do I get that?" Especially with Chumscrubber that image of the silhouette of a decapitated body holding a head, it really grabbed me.

Then I realized that it's only sold in Hot Tropic and I really, really don't wanna compromise my dignity by shopping there.

Of course, there are places that sell movie-themed t-shirts like I Love Waterloo and places that sell t-shirts seen in movies like Found Item Clothing.

Bye Bye Tokyo has a t-shirt from the movie Elephant directed by Gus Van Sant*. I like the simple design but with a name like Elephant, couldn't Van Sant chosen an actual elephant on the t-shirt or did he feel it was too literal?

Monies: 19,90€ or US$27

*I still hate Last Days, Gus Van Sant. Really hate it. It's a pretentious piece of crap. Half-way into the movie, I felt like blowing my brains out.



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