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Saturday, December 09, 2006

I ♥ Tripods

You know the saying "goodwill to all men" but how about "goodwill to all animals" as well? More specifically to dogs. Even more specifically to a three-legged one?

Writer, Sonia Zjawinski, blogs about her dog, Lulu, undergoing bone cancer treatment. Copious amount of monies is spent on Lulu's recovery and Zjawinski is raising funds for her dog (and in the near future, other dogs under the same conditions) through the selling of I ♥ Tripods t-shirts.

Tees are printed on Alternative Apparel (it's like American Apparel without the sexual harassment suit). There are also donation options that includes a limited edition compilation CD, tote bag and other stuff.

So get to it. Deadline to order is by December 15th! Support the Tripod fund! Three legs good, cancer bad!

Monies: US$40

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