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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Valleyschwag Holiday Package

It was a great idea: gather up some free Silicon Valley freebies and charge for shipping and handling. Package may contain buttons, pens, a series of knick-knacks but the highlight of the package was always the t-shirt. It may seem rather louche to don a corporate logo but the design tends to overshadow the fact. Somehow, geek wear is also seen as chic.

It was a great idea but Valleyschwag didn't anticipate the enormous response and the problems that came with it. It seems to collapse under its own weight of success. Since September, the Valleyschwag gang retreated to the drawing board to re-think its formula. Save for a few posts on development, nothing has been heard... until now.

Man, that last sentence sounded really cliché.


Valleyschwag is back. Sort of. Without hint or preview, their general store has the latest Valleyschwag package, a VS5 holiday issue. Costing US$12.95, it's much cheaper than the usual US$14.95 but shipping isn't included. Instead, shipping is US$6.05, which brings us to a total of US$19 for the holiday issue package. I hope this is because of the holiday rush and isn't the norm for future Valleyschwag but that would suck immensely.

Currently, it only ships within the US.

Monies: US$12.95 (VS5) US$6.05 (shipping)



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