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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Black on White or White on Black

My parents bought me, as a small child, to the zoo. There was this moment when we stop at the zebra enclosure and questions arose in my freakishly large head. Questions like "is the animal black with white stripes or is it white with black stripes" and soon after, "what's that male zebra doing to the lady zebra?"

O nature, is there anything you wouldn't do to bring about an uncomfortable silence between my parents and I?

Susie Ghahremani (it's Iranian, you xenophobes!), singer, artist, maker of... er, stuff, has a website called where you can find t-shirts of a zebra crossed with a keyboard and other pretty stuff.

Monies: US$20

Update: If you're planning to purchase wares from her online store, it'll be down for the next twenty-four hours because Ms. Ghahremani will be at Bazaar Bizarre selling her wares in person.



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