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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hungy Hungry Hippos

If you've never heard of Mike Birgilia (if you think reading it, is hard, try saying his name), I understand. The guy's an underrated genius. He's like pre-Patton Oswalt before he made it big with the indie crowds of comedy.

Then I found out that Birbiglia sells t-shirts based on some of his stand-up material. At first, I thought it would be some crappy stencil iron-on to an equally crappy t-shirt that's made out of a potato sack and pubes but thanks to Mike's brother, the t-shirts are American Apparel.

Marblevore is based on Birbiglia's joke that he always thought hippos ate white marbles. That joke sounded a lot funnier when he tells it.

Monies: US$17.50 - US$21.99

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