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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Deathday!

I apologize for the absence but... I still love you.

With that out of the way, I received an e-mail from Joe from Fantastic Bonanza, telling me... nay, commanding me to check their site out. I'm particularly drawn to The Birthday Party because it would make a great gift for somebody's birthday party. Somebody really old. Can you say "irony"?

Anyway, Joe, John and Greg of Fantastic Bonanza look like really fun people who should be getting drunk at frats and having unprotected sexings but instead they rather make t-shirts and I say, "good on them."

The tees are printed lovingly by humans hands on American Apparel tees.

Monies: US$20 Update: Fantastic Bonanza is now offering 15% off of everything until December 14th! Check out their other sweet designs like Handshake Unnatural and people's favorite Mustachio. T-shirts are now US$17 each!



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