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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Start of Things to Come


Truth be told, I was a little leery in making another "t-shirt blog" in an ocean of established blogs about t-shirts. There's Preshrunk, and Teejunkie and a hoodie/long-sleeved blog, Hide Your Arms.

I don't know if I can ever bring this site to their level but Caviezel wept... I have too much free time and I love t-shirts. "How much," you ask? Well, I'm just a few steps from making love to it, that's how much! So to start this off, here's a listing of end-of-Summer sales.

1) Threadless - The grandaddy of t-shirts is having a 666 $10 Back to School sale. 6 new shirts comes out each day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Select shirts are discounted to $20. Even more splendid is that if you use the coupon code "STAY CLASSY" at checkout*, you get $3 dollars off. Sale ends August 21st.

2) Bedlam Clothing - Every shirts in stock are priced at $10 to make room for new designs. I got the Vito & Michael & Sonny & Fredo shirt because apparently I'm a Godfather geek. Sale ends... until everything is sold out.

3) Oddica - With 30 shirts in their catalog, August is sale month at Oddica. Use the coupon code "tell" at checkout to get $7 off. Share that joy with your friends. Sale ends August 31st.

4) Shamplade - According to their site, it's "$12 on most tees." The only shirt that isn't on sale is the "Splashbacks: the Poor Man's Bidet" shirt. Go figure.

5) Monsierur T - 50% off on their wares. An absolute favorite of mine, I bought their limited edition Plumed Serpent by Martin Ontiveros just a week before they implemented their Summer sale. I would kick myself but... what the hell. What's a few more dollars for a nice t-shirt.

6) Teetonic - Like Threadless only Scottish (okay, so they're not really like Threadless...). All tees are at £15 each and with every fifth order, your shirt will be free. Sale ends August 31st.

7) Future Relic - I was introduced to them from Josh Spear. All Future Relic tees are $15. Check out the other items as well.

I hope these are adequate. Who knows, maybe I'll write about cheap shirts... because in each and everyone of us lie a cheap bastard.

Fare thee well.

*thanks to T-Shirt Review for the tip!



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