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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Quixotic Clothing review

Hey kids! It's time for another installment where I pass harsh and cruel judgment on t-shirts I received! Yaaay! Today's entry was brought to you by... Quixotic Clothing.

I wanted to get something for a friend's birthday and he mentioned something along the lines of "I would really like a Quixotic t-shirt." So I placed an order on February 17, Saturday and received the package yesterday, February 26. This gives about 8 days of delivery. To be fair, they did state, "While we try to get your order shipped out the next business day, we are only human. Sometimes we can't do it that fast. This is why we ask that you give us two to three business days before we get your order shipped out."

But it kinda bugs me that the postage is dated on February 23, Friday. You do the math.

No, seriously. You do it. I may be dumb at numbers but I'm pretty sure, it's over the maximum of three business days. Now you might say, "aren't you a little anal about this?" Well, my sexual predilection aside, I'm more concern about customer relations. I like Quixotic Clothing and who knows, maybe this was a one-time-thing-never-to-be-repeated-ever but an e-mail with the following, "sorry, your package will be delivered late" would be nice. I'm just saying.

Note the package. It's like a "I-packaged-this-with-my-hands-and-sealed-it-with-my-moist-tongue" approach, which I really like. It feels personal. I like personal. The package contains the aforementioned t-shirt and a receipt. As I write this, my funny friend is wearing it. For three days straight. That's how much he loves the tee.

Oh and excuse the ugly couch.



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