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Monday, April 07, 2008

A Good Start to the Week

Let's start this Monday off with a bang shall we?

Grace, who handles promotion from Eio Clothing, likes to taunt me with their cool sexy parties (see above) knowing full well that I can never set foot on England soil because of my unfathomable hatred for the Spice Girls.

Oh, yeah and Eio Clothing also have their new Spring / Summer lineup like the sexy number
above that's good to wear at cool sexy parties.

Monies: £29.95 or US$60

The dudes at The Ryde are organizing a design t-shirt competition to raise money and awareness for breast cancer prevention. If you hate cancer but absolutely love the breasts, this will be perfect for you.

Daryll from Indivisual Clothing gives a heads up about a new polo shirt designed by Daniel Vigil. Geometric shapes, mysterious letterings... there's a lot going on on the shirt.

Monies: US$58

You've seen them before but they're worth mentioning again. Amanda, from Reverie, likes "dressing the dreamers," so how does she know this is what I dreamt of last week?

Monies: US$19

Bang Bang T-Shirts released three new t-shirts and I like this shirt because I think today's cinema is poorer without the rich stereotypical kung-fu revenge flick.

Not to nit-pick but Bang Bang call this their Ninja T-Shirt, which is disparate from Shaolin kung fu. I'm just saying.

Monies: £13.99 or US$28

If you mofos have anything you want to make known, feel free to shoot us an e-mail.

Except, you, Carl. Please stop stuffing our inbox with pictures of your wiener. It wasn't funny during the first seven times.

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Blogger Bang Bang T-shirts said...

Hey guys, just want to thank you for featuring our Ninja t-shirt. I think you maybe right about the name of it and we may actually change this today! Thanks for the feedback!

3:24 AM  

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