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Monday, March 24, 2008

What I Got - Artifex

I know I'm behind on this so enough bellyaching! Let's get down to the reviews!

Artifex Shirts (not to be confused with Artifex Clothing) is all about ecology preservation. Formed by Tim and Chris Reagan, brothers, who want to change the world through their t-shirts. It might sound cheesy but when I wore the t-shirt around school, I got a myriad of responses from "that's cool" to "what's biodiesel?"

And that's how you start a dialogue.

Anyway, I got the package and inside...

... I got a t-shirt and two stickers.

This is one of Artifex's more interesting designs. Great color combination (it looks like it glows in the dark but it doesn't). It's simple and gets to the point, the word, "biodiesel" helps also.

I would like it better if the type was either all small fonts or large fonts. It just feels disjointed if I see a word with a capitalized first letter, which makes me expect it to end in a punctuation.

It's printed on econscious, a 100% organic cotton apparel. This is different from conventionally grown cotton which includes toxic contamination in the water and air. I'm not sure if it's knowing what I'm wearing is toxic-free but it does feel good on my skin.

If you purchase from Artifex, each shirt sold and the Reagan brothers will donate US$3 to Native Energy, which offsets CO2 emissions by building wind turbines.

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