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Thursday, March 20, 2008

What I Got - Plastered

There's a cultural shift in China. In the past you have dissenting citizens, tacked under the imperial thumb of the Chinese government. Now with the Internet, boom! You have an explosion of information and creativity.

Since this is China, I'll be remiss if I didn't mention that there is also a big t-shirt boom. Of course, the bulk of it are communist-themed t-shirts but recently, the trend seems to be shifting away from that.

Plastered T-shirts is a store in Beijing that sell t-shirts about China culture with a kitschy twist. Operated by a British-Canadian couple, you find items ranging from buttons to apparel displaying designs of everyday visuals like a train ticket or a beer bottle. Last year, they had a fashion show to kick off new Olympic-inspired designs.

I received two t-shirts from Plastered and as you can see are...

... a three-wheel motorcycle...

... and a flask. I assume, it's Chinese for "flask."

The apparel is thick. And check out the stitching around the arm...

... and around the collar.

The designs are not screen printed. They looked like iron-ons.

I can't attest to how long the designs can last (disclaimer: I've gotten several other t-shirts from China and they also utilized the same method of printing) but they have very pretty designs.

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