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Monday, May 14, 2007

We Now Return To Your Scheduled Programming... Somewhat

Okay so the blog interface isn't working as well as I hope but enough's enough. I'll try to work within the restrictions because my e-mail is swollen with t-shirt sites and I hope this will appease you guys. Let's get to it, shall we?

From Hong Kong, we have mashPotato with their interesting lineup. I like this t-shirt because it describes what I always feel whenever I surf other t-shirt sites.

Monies: US24.50

Ten Bills may have to change their name if their sale of US$7 per t-shirt continues. T-shirts like Everyone Wants a Peace (shown above) and Radio Flyers are selling out quickly.

Monies: US$7

The Ironic T-Shirt Corporation have lovely t-shirts at non-explotative prices like F the Media (N.W.A. should re-unite and make a rap with that title) but the Tom Cruise Freedom of Speech tee just grabs me by the short hairs and refuse to let go.

One can write (in erasable marker) the many of things that Cruise might say like "I'm a poo-poo head!" or "My penis looks like Xenu or the result of an undiscovered VD." So many possibilities...

Monies: US$17

I'm from a little island called Singapore and not many people know about it but we're well-known for our non-existence; public caning; outlawing chewing gum; the Merlion and of course, Annabel Chong. Yup, despite our achievements, we're known for producing a pornstar but not just any pornstar, one who held the world record for biggest gangbang in 1995.

And to answer your question, the tally was 251.

Anyway, Singaporean t-shirt company, Local Brand sells this t-shirt, I guess, as a source of national pride.

Local Brand t-shirts are printed on... er, America Apparel. There's a joke somewhere in that sentence.

Monies:S$30 or US$19-something something.

One of my favorite artist, Jim Mahfood has a store that you can buy to show your appreciation for the man's art like the Lil' Cat Girl tee, the fine ladies can rock in.

If that doesn't float your boat. Here's a picture of a satisfied customer in said t-shirt, telling what you can do to yourself.

Monies: US$25 (includes shipping within the US)

Anybody here still read Archie? Is Archie still a fickle-minded bastard who still has spoilt Veronica lodge on his booty call list? around? Go for Betty, you freckled-face bastard! I swear his indecision makes me think he's a closeted homosexual.

Speaking of which, remember Jughead Jones, the gluttonous woman-hater? Phantom Flyer has a new design on this old school character.

Monies: US$12

That's it for today. I'll leave you with an article on the history of the ironic t-shirt. You wear the stuff, now learn about it. Read it through and read it well. Pop quiz on a Friday.


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