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Friday, April 20, 2007

Chop Chop

I'm not a big fan of cosplaying. Every time I see someone in a costume and it's not Halloween, I want to bring a bat to their face.

But I make an exception for people who dresses according to Tron. Because they can glow in the dark, just like this t-shirt from Chop Shop. If the design and the nerd factor isn't enough to convince you about the t-shirt, at least buy it because it also shows the dog's cloaca as well.

The designs are created by Jay Hillyer and they look like the love children of Geoff Darrow and Seth Fisher's unnatural sexings.

If you can't tell by that last metaphor, that's a good thing.

Visit Chop Shop, check out the rest of their wares, play around with their header, and soak in the oily nerd vibe that the website gives out.

Monies: US$15



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