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Monday, April 23, 2007

Pinky is Dead

We like Huzzah Goods because a) we like saying "Huzzah" and b) they print out t-shirts like this.

That's right. According to certain people still living in their parents' basement, they purported that Pinky died and was replaced with a double.


And in other news in Huzzah Goods world, there's also a Image Stolen by Todd Goldman t-shirt.* The mind boggles when one asks if stealing somebody's schtick of stealing other people's artwork be immoral if you're donating 100% of the t-shirt profits to the Boston Arts Academy?

Huzzah Goods also have a competition where you send in your coolest original Nintendo-theme design. If they choose yours, you get a free t-shirt of your choice. Send designs to mailbag [at]

Deadline is April 27.... uh-oh. Get to it.

Monies: US$16

* If you're not in the know about Todd Goldman, I shake my head at you and direct you to the whole sordid mess.

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