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Saturday, January 13, 2007

"All's Quiet on the Western Front"

Where am I, you ask? I've always been here but I'm a bit busy of late. Here's something to make up for it my pretties.
Negrete has a one week sale ending on January 19. We posted about them before and all their tees now goes at £18.95 like the Ali tee.

Kankatee has been around for a few months. They're like Threadless with indie sensibilities. Artists can upload their designs and because they're democratic like that, people who likes said design will vote for it. The inaugural tee When Bess Attacks design by, oh I'm assuming someone named Bess, is my favorite.

Tees retail for US$20 and shipping is free for US residents.

What is good design? The Osika Bros. at Artefacture would know. If you ask me, I say it's subjective like my poop paintings.

Tees goes for US$20 - US$30

Hope that makes up for not calling after the first date.

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