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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Change the Thought Review

Hey kiddies! Here's another review, this time on Change the Thought.

Let's see... the order was placed on a Saturday and I received an e-mail that said it was sent out on a Wednesday. I received the tee on a Saturday, which is the reasonable amount of time it will take for a 3-5 day shipping.

Even though it's printed on AA, the tee felt really soft to the touch. I'm not sure if it's that "new shirt" feeling but hot damn... that's soft. The plastisol ink looks good too. It doesn't show on the inside of the tee.

Now here's my gripe.

I understand the practicality of a tagless t-shirt. For one, you don't have to paw at the tag like you're chasing off an imaginary bee but if you're gonna remove the tag, try to take it off completely. I know it's an anal issue but I'm sorta OCD when it comes to matters like this.

But other than that, Chris Cox did a bang up job with this tee. I'm looking forward to his new lineup.



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