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Sunday, November 26, 2006

"If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit"

With all the brouhaha about FOX optioning OJ Simpson's book and interview, then canceling them for being, "an ill-advised project" (no shit), I thought I showcase some OJ-related tees. Some might say it's distasteful but I like to think of it as topical.

DURKL isn't afraid to call OJ for what he is: that he's a lady killer. This t-shirt will attract the ladies as much as the Sex Panther cologne.

Monies: US$18.99

Is this t-shirt still relevant now that OJ is not in jail?

Monies: US$38

NoiseBot offers a public service announcement to switch your dietary supplement from oranges to apples. It also comes as a hoodie or a fashionable tote bag.

Monies: US$19.95 (t-shirt) US$29.95 (hoodie) US$14.95 (tote bag)

Um, it's okay. I don't really want to know how you would kill him. And no, I wouldn't even buy your book on how you would "supposedly" kill him.

Monies: US$14.99 - US$19.99

One last t-shirt to round this up. If OJ were to find some other revenue for income, maybe he should try the t-shirt business.

Monies: US$18

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