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Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Put A Shrimp On the Barbie!"

I always thought of Australia as some sort of strange land where winter occurs in the middle of the calendar year and the water spirals differently and it used to initially house criminals and weird creatures like a mammal that actually lay eggs. Oh, wait... it actually is the case. Australia is a dandy place. You get to see Ayer's rock and scoff like an unwanted tourists, "wot? Is that it, then? Well, I'm gonna get me a can of Foster's."

The Land Down Under also hosts artists like Torso, which I'm pretty sure we posted before. The mates at Torso has a better navigation layout but still not enough t-shirts. So buy shirts from them and they'll print more new ones. That's the circle of life, see?

You might also remember People Like Us (again, pretty sure we posted about them before). now they are in the business much longer than Torso, thus their large and eclectic line of shirts. Their summer lineup for 2008 is up. Buy a shirt, save on suntan lotion (though, beware of a farmer's tan).

But you know what I'm waiting for? Pardon My Hindi's new lineup. Their last announcement was "New Shirts Coming Very Soon." This was August 2007. How soon is PMH's soon? Are they living in another dimension where time flows differently?

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