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Friday, June 06, 2008

What I Got - You're So Famous

If you ask me (and you should because I'm a know-it-all), being famous isn't what it's cracked up to be. I read an article about how today's Hollywood stars would dressed and you see images of Leo in a frumpy sweater and baseball cap or Elijah looking like an old lesbian.

I used to remember Cary Grant always looking debonair in a suit or Edie Sedgewick looking mod and smoking a cigarette... OMG, the woman makes cancer sexy.

It used to be that being fashion meant working for it but thanks to the Internet and super-rich people without proper parenting skills, you get your Hiltons and Dohertys parading the red carpet.

Their fifteen minutes has dragged on for infinitum.

While many tries to fight against the tsunami of famedom, You Are So Famous seeks to join them. While taking the piss out of them at the same time.

This incognito-looking package I got from them held my key to being famous.

What? No blackberry?

Anyway, I like to show you their promotional items. This is their promo card.

This is the back of it, where you suddenly lose the power of speech, you can still depend on your dexterous fingers to send texts to your peeps on how cool the shirt is.

Now here's what I didn't understand. Famous is a new site that sells t-shirt so, obviously the key to bringing in sales is getting the word out. One of the true-and-tried method are stickers. You get them when you receive your shirt from the company, you know, so you can spread the word by becoming an informal street teammate and deface government property with the stickers. This kind of advertising is almost free and most of the work is done for you.

The sticker above is the only one I got. And they chose to affix it to a plastic bag that used to house my t-shirt?

I appreciate that Famous prints on Alternative Apparel. The material is soft as though the secret ingredient for the softness are flayed baby angels' skins. I think people should print on more materials like Alternative Apparel.

I also love the slogan. It's witty without being too smug about it. It's one of them "nudge-nudge-wink-wink" situations that you're either in on the joke or not. Instead of an outright rant against La-La-Land superficiality, Famous undermines it by further exposing it to such points of incredulity. And therein lies the joke.

The only concern is a backlash if certain phrases are repeated too often. (I swear I'll bite into the jugular of the next person who quotes "it's niiiice.") As long as Famous continues infusing their own spin to celebrities' sound bites, their fifteen minutes will go a long way.

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