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Friday, May 30, 2008

Son of A Warm, Stiff Upper Lip

"Sonouvabitch, another mustache-themed shirt site again?" you bemoan. "Is he retarded? Does he have some sort of facial hair fetish?"

Look. My sexual predilection aside, chalk this one up to mere serendipity. After the e-mail from Mustache and Friends, an e-mail from Fuzzy Ink settled into my in-box and their designs were too good to pass up like a Rhett Butler lookalike shaving.

They even have a coupon code that you have to answer a mustache-related trivia question on to get a discount. That's right, schoozners. You gotta work for your money.

Monies: US$17.95

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Blogger Mike said...

A plethora of thanks for the feature's very exciting to finally see the designs take the stage

11:52 AM  

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