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Monday, May 12, 2008

Half-Shelled Heroes

With a name like Mediocore Clothing, you think you already have a handle on the lineup but you be surprised.

Jon Kruse, designer and creator of Mediocore (he's also a Lothario that steals your hearts in the night) came up with the missing turtle shirt, which I think is being witty without being pretentious. In fact, the rest of this shirts, Shark Week and Complimentary Colors, are starting to read like Gary Larson's Far Side, which is great, because who doesn't like one-paneled witticism? Nazis, that's who.

Type the coupon code
SHIRTONME at the checkout counter for a 10% discount. Currently, all items are pre-ordered but wait on it while Kruse chokes the printing guy for the delay.

Monies: US$19.99



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