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Monday, January 07, 2008

What I Got - Dance Party Massacre

A while back, I did a post on Alex Dakoulas' new line Dance Party Massacre (DPM) and he was so nice and filled with the joy of Christmas that he sent me a little something something.

Within were...

... badges, t-shirt, stickers and a bunch of cards.

The front of said card...

... and the back. Isn't it nice that you immediately get the gist of the company's manifesto as well as the line-up of what he have to offer.

There are also buttons.

Now I can't get enough of the t-shirt. You don't get to see that kind of blood splatter that often and I'm glad Dakoulas is bringing it back.

I wore that t-shirt in public and someone asked me if that's a band, which it's understandable. Dance Party Massacre does sound like a band. An emo band, if any.

On the inside of the t-shirt is the logo for DPM.

Wait a minute! Zoom in!

Arrgh! There's... still... tag... remnants... must adhere to... new year's resolution... and not be a... bitch about every... little... thing... ack!

Okay. So, overlooking the slight tag remains, this entire package feels so professionally put together, even though the company was launched las Halloween. There's a really nice theme going on. The advertisement doesn't seem in-your-face. You can also see the little details put into this like the card tag attached to the t-shirt....

And for the curious, here's the back...

... and here's the front. Doesn't it look similar? The image of the Gonzo Fist symbol of Hunter S. Thompson immediately comes to mind.


This is the love of horror mixed with tongue set firmly in cheek. Dakoulas respects the genre but also knows how to have fun with it.
Designs are printed on high-quality cotton (Dakoulas says it's AA but doesn't want to broadcast it). I'm keen to see the next line of designs he has.

I give this several (severed) thumbs up.

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