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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Having a Bad Day? Wear This T-Shirt!

I watched 24 and after the first season the writer voice in me whines, "that's not realistic. When does he have a toilet break?" And I replied, "it's Jack Bauer, son. Dude's tough. He don't need to piss." Of course, I replied in the fashion of Samuel Jackson, which means it'll border upon being really really loud. And black.

Did I just commit a Don Imus? Anyway...

Nerdy Shirts, which I did an entry for, waaay back when, came up with this gem of a t-shirt for 24 fanatics.

Now I'm just a-waiting for a Chloe t-shirt. Maybe with the phrase, "Wow-ee Chloe" or something, it's still in development.

Monies: US$20



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