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Sunday, October 28, 2007

What I Got - Eio (Excess is OK)

We love British imports, from their comedies and the music to their stiff upper lips and their Jude Laws, we can do with a little English in our lives.

The same goes for a very special package... all the way from across the pond! Eio (Excess is ok) has invaded my mailbox!

Some might now know about Eio, especially in America but they're pretty big in Europe. Celebrities like Lady Sovereign, Hadouken! and Pete Doherty (yes, that Pete Doherty!) among others, wear Eio apparel.

What lies within was another envelope, an introductory letter and two t-shirts.

About the letter, what really got me was the line, "
even the Grim Reaper would look good in Eio." Eio could expand their market to trendy funeral wear.

There's a bit of a mystique with the envelope. The illustration of the two women and the juxtaposition of the hearts really catches the eye.

Within the envelope was a folder and it struck me as very professional like when you attend a meeting and they hand out folders filled with quarterly finances and pie charts.. delicious pie charts. That's the feeling I got anyway.

Within the folder was...

... a catalog. A lot of pretty pictures of pretty models in pretty clothes but not much information about the outfits. You need to match it with the lineup at Eio's website, which can be a little confusing.

The Deck & Butterflies tee is either a lesson in opposites or an example in poetics. I've seen a similar theme done before but this is the first I've seen a turntable being used.

Now for the Skull and Crossbolts tee, I've received quite a few compliments on this t-shirt. It's a slight variation on the crossbones image and it's the attraction of the color combination is the perfect outfit if you wanna hit the towns or the local discotheque.

Eio is coming out with a new lineup on October 29th, so check that out.

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