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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

(B)eat You Like A Red-Headed Stepchild

I always wanted a vintage t-shirt, especially those that were printed by fast food restaurants many generations ago. I once saw an A&W t-shirt when they still have the old-styled bear (not the fancy stylized one now) and I covert it.

It seems strange I would wear something that's clearly an advertisement but I have a predilection for the off-kilter t-shirts. As long as it appeals to me, be it design or the idea, I'm sold.

Anyway, I always loved Wendy's (their square-shaped beef patties won me over) and they're selling t-shirts at Wendy's Underground (the name reeks of marketing to today's youth but I digress).

Even better, if you if you think wearing something like that is like eating your children, there are t-shirts like above that do not have their corporate logo. And even better, they are looking for Underground Agents (read: spokespeople) so if you apply to be one and are selected, you get a free t-shirt.

Monies: US$7.99 - US$14-99

PS: If you think Wendy's paid me to post this, you're wrong. Also, your mom's a whore.



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