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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What I Got - Found Item Clothing

Since last Thursday I attended the Austin Film Festival. I watched a lot of movies, sat in panels, schmooze with writers, directors, industry big-wigs. And what better choice for fashion than a couple of t-shirts from Found Item Clothing.

For those not in the know, Found Item Clothing replicates t-shirts seen in movies and television. Sometimes, when I see a t-shirt in the movies, I want to get that but then
find it's a one-in-a-kind. That's where FIC steps in. For this review, I won't be talking about the designs because... it's not original. It's a replication. So I'm going for familiarity of the product, of how meticulously accurate the designs are.

So. The package arrived promptly. It felt heavy. Heavy is good because that means there's a lot of t-shirts. Unless it's just a bag of cat feces, then that's cruel.

And what do you know? FIC isn't cruel.

Let's start with an old favorite, something that immediately clicks with your average savvy college teen...

... that's right. The Big Lebowski. There's nary a man or woman that I've met who didn't know about the Dude or quoted lines from the movie. I wore t-shirts with the Dude's mug on it and people really reacted strongly to it but what if I wore something that is actually a replica of the baseball tee the Dude was wearing?

And you know what? People thought I was wearing some weird top from Japan or something. Nobody got it but that's fine with me. I felt like the smartest kid in the room when I tell them that this t-shirt's from The Big Lebowski. Oh, the look on their faces...

It's accurate in everyway from the color to the design. The only thing missing is the smell of bong water. I heard FIC is working on that as we speak.

Next is Zombaid from Shaun of the Dead.

People recognized this t-shirt instantly. I'm not sure if they're real big fans of Shaun or they like zombie movies.

To me, the State were the Americanized Monty Python and their humor may not appeal to the masses, at least, they were breaking taboos and new ground on comedy. So, it's no surprise that Wet Hot American Summer is one of my favorite movie.

I wish this t-shirt was a little tighter, in keeping with the eighties sensibility so it goes with my tiny yellow shorts. Someone from the movie industry actually recognized me in this t-shirt. Apparently, she is a State fan and it's always nice to see someone you can connect with.

It's great to see these t-shirts that FIC produces. It's sort of like an archival system, a way to preserve them yestertees of yore. And I think the guys behind FIC loves a little challenge with the replication. As the site grows stronger, their line will expand and who knows maybe they'll come up with foreign and obscure t-shirts.

For now, amuse yourself with FIC's costume guide for Halloween.

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