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Sunday, September 02, 2007

What I Got - Kindred

I must be a good boy recently because look what I got in the mail.

Yes siree, Kindred Clothiers, those talented bastards sent a package. It's real nice, an attractive color. Even the behind of the package attracts the eyes.

"Fresh from the mill" indeed. I could still smell the wood shavings as I opened it.

The design just grabs you, doesn't it? It's clearly Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski or if you're not familiar with the works of the Coen brothers, John Goodman from a Halloween episode of Rosanne.

The ink is printed out evenly. I almost never notice the raised image. The logo on the inside of the t-shirt though, seemed like a poor color choice. You can only see it clearly when I adjusts the color contrast accordingly.

But wait! Zoom in near the collar.

What the... it's the remains of a tag. Okay, look. I know it's the cool thing to have a t-shirt without the tag, I dig that but if you're gonna do that, rip the whole tag out. First of all, it's for completion sake. Second, it just mars the quality of the t-shirt. It might not be a big a deal but it's always the little things that matter.

Either remove the whole tag or leave it. That's all I have to rant on the matter.

But it's a pretty swell t-shirt. It's an AA apparel, so you got that slim and comfortable fit. When I wear that t-shirt to school, I get random strangers walk up to me and quote lines from The Big Lebowski. It's nice to connect with people of the same movie taste.

In other news from Kindred - they have a competition where you submit a story for a t-shirt and if you're chosen you and your buddy will get that winning -shirt each. Click here for details.

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Blogger Joe said...

The problem with the tag thing is that it's kind of a big thing to remove the whole tag, because taking the entire tag out requires ripping the seams, which would then need to be resewn. The remains of the tag are a little unseemly, but I don't really mind them.

12:14 AM  

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