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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What I Got - Sub Urban Riot

Hey kids! It's time for another t-shirt review! Jason Reed from Sub Urban Riot sent over a package.

Real innocuous-looking package until I turned it over.

You don't see that every package that comes my way, I thought to myself, this should be interesting, and lo and be-friggin'-hold, I was right. Look at what the package reveal.

The tee was wrapped in plastic. I don't know why but the thought that someone actually took time out to wrap their goods in plastic just struck me as professional.

The catalogue. Really nice to the touch. Especially when I'm flipping through the glossy pages. My fingers already feels sophisticated.

This just kills me. Not a sticker or a printed card. A matchbook. This is too awesome for words.

And finally we get to the meat of it- the t-shirt.

Usually, when you think soft, you think American Apparel but this material is even softer than AA. No exaggeration. The Sub Urban Riot crew describes their tees as "cloudsoft." That's right. It's so soft that they had to make up a name for it.

Attention is also paid to the cutting of the t-shirt. I dare say, this t-shirt not only made me look thinner but better as well! And speaking of well-tailored...

Take a look at the sewing of the sleeves...

... and the collar...

It's different and yet it doesn't distract.

I was expecting a t-shirt and I got a lot more than that. Personally, I like the design, I like the t-shirt, I like the extra swag that comes with it. You can see the effort in their work and that puts Sub Urban Riot a step ahead of all the other competition.

Highly recommended.



Blogger Joe said...

Sub Urban Riot definitely have their act together. I thought the unusual inclusion of a matchbook was a nice touch when I got a shirt from them, too. And their new website is killer.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Suma said...

Vow!! the t-shirt review is fantastic and great..

suma valluru

5:43 AM  

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