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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Only for the Gaiman-Phile

Now, I'd understand if I buy a book that's related to the author but to buy a t-shirt? Of course, I did a post about a Chuck Palahniuk's t-shirt for his book tour but Neil Gaiman (another one of my favorite) has a one from Never Wear (a pun from one of his books) that's all about him.

It has an animed Gaiman and the words "Scary Trousers" printed beneath. Why "Scary Trousers"? 'Cause that's his nickname by Alan Moore. How did it come about? Well, watch the video.

Monies: US$30

Just a word of caution. As you can make out from the t-shirt above, it looks like it's fitted for a woman. I've checked the website and there doesn't seem to be a t-shirt of a man or maybe the t-shirt itself is unisex.

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