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Friday, October 27, 2006

Rated "R" for Rad

I can't be spending my money or wait around for an illegal movie torrent to download. I need to make a quick decision on whether I would wanna see "Attack of the Big-Boobed Hooker" or "Snakes on a Plane Again." That's why the trailer for a movie is important because people make snap judgment on appearance.

David Malki! of Wondermark have come up with a nice idea for a t-shirt for such an occasion. Let people decide who you really are on the inside by your superficial fashion savvy. Would you want to be available for everyone (PG) or just a slutty select few (R)?

It's not available now but you can pre-order the t-shirts. The shirts are printed on American Apparel Jersey tee. If that doesn't whet your appetite, there's also a new Where is my Elephant? printed on an American Apparel ringer. It looks snazzy.

Monies: US$16

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