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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Wink is as Good as a Nod

It's not enough for Richard Stevens to have Diesel Sweeties to be running in newspapers through United Feature Syndicate, he also has a sweet store to foist his cottony goodness on your naked supple body.

DS is hocking Halloween t-shirts... with new exceptions. Non-pixelated t-shirts by Jess Fink and Vera Brosgol grace the DS Halloween lineup.

I like the Wink the Ghost t-shirt (printed on a Hanes Beefy) because it glows in the dark like a scene from an investigative news report where they shine a blacklight in the hotel room and you can see copious amount of blood and semen everywhere! I mean, everywhere! There's even some on the freakin' remote control and... holy crap! How did they get that on the ceiling?

And look at him. Wink the Ghost is such a player. He'll sex you up in the middle of the night like an incubus, which is also a band, whose music was playing when they showed the investigative hotel room piece.

Monies: US$18

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