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Monday, September 17, 2007

What I Got - Tasty Tees

First off, I got this t-shirt from Tasty Tees a few months ago and much apologies to the proprietor, Tobias Crabtree, for taking this long to post this review.

It was delivered via priority mail.


... is a t-shirt designed by RB Morris III; a sticker and a bio card of the artist. Note the sexy lighting. I like the design. It's unconventional, not anything you usually see, after all, Tasty Tees wants to promote art. And what better medium to promote artistry than the canvas of the t-shirt.

There are artists like Jeroen Aertgeerts, who designs under the pseudonym Lady Estelle. He does really cool collage and recently
launched his own website. Then there's RB Morris III.

I appreciate the idea of including the profiles of artists. These days, you don't see that and sometimes you're left wondering who did this design?

Tasty Tees may not appeal to everyone but it's a step in the right direction into appreciating the diversity of art.

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