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Monday, November 06, 2006

"... Cause he had no body to go with!"

I always found it interesting to see anatomical designs on a t-shirt. It's like wearing something your skin keeps in. So here's some t-shirts that uses the rib-cage motif.

First up, the Misfits who popularizes the skeleton on tee concept. The Full Burnout Skeleton tee retails for US$20. Go get one and show Misfits your love.

At the other side of the rock spectrum is Letters Kills, a now defunct Christian band that sells Rib Cage tee. Well, it's half of a rib cage, which would explain why it's selling at US$5.99.

Smell Your Mum, which is a little like Hot Topic, only harder, sells a rib cage tee as well. It costs £12.99 and worldwide shipping is free.

Waffo sells a nice skeleton t-shirt that is similar to Misfit's own but Waffo's shirts are really soft... secret soft. It costs US$28.99 and it comes in black on green or a black on yellow. It's also printed on a jacket, which costs US$54.99.

Lazy Oaf has a tee called the Rib Tickler. It costs £25.

Threadless has reprinted Caged by Frank Barbara, a clever t-shirt that utilizes puns in its design. It's US$15 for guys, US$17 for girls, US$25 for long sleeve.

And now, we come to the progenitor of the anatomical tee, originally drawn by Dr. Leslie Arwin. Being a medical illustrator and anatomist, Dr. Arwin assures that all designs are 100% legit. Besides the skeleton motif, there's other designs like the intestinal tract motif as well. It retails for US$19.95.

Well, that about covers shirts with skeleton motifs. See you next time.



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