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Thursday, September 14, 2006

We Return to "Beating a Dead Horse..."

Remember those days of t-shirts with Che Guevara's mug on it? Of course, you do. It's just a minute ago you saw that t-shirt, maybe you're wearing one right now.

Then people decided to put a twist on the Che image. came up with Viva La Relativity! Einstein in a beret.

Monies: US$14.99 - US$16.99

Then ThinkGeek came up with Viva Miyamoto, Shigeru Miyamoto in a beret.

Basically, the concept is a) get one iconic figure b) put them in a beret.

Monies: US$17.99

The Best Week Ever store is selling a weirdly / badly designed Nick La-Che tee. At least it's printed on an American Apparel tee.

Monies: US$9.99

Here's a cool-looking shirt. UrbanMedium came up with a tee that combines geekery and revolutionary irony... presenting the Chetrooper shirt.

Personally, I have a soft spot for that shirt on account of design. I mean, if you want to be cliche, might as well be chic about it.

Monies: US$20, which is pretty useless because it's sold out! Nyah nyah nyah!

But why stop there. Spread Shirt printed CHEney, an almagation of the revolutionarist and the Dick. It's a flex print, silk-screen on a heavyweight cotton tee.

Monies: US$19

T-Shirt Humor also came up with Cheney as Che t-shirt. Soon, we will see Cher in a Che-themed shirt. Just you wait.

Monies: US$18

But conservative t-shirt site, Those Shirts, opted to use Che's image to promote against Che. Shirts like Commies Ain't Cool and This Shirt Brought To You By Capitalism will warm the cockles of any red-blooded capitalist.

Monies: US$15.95

What's that? You want more ironic Che t-shirt? Well, on the other end of the political spectrum is Bureau Crash is selling tees with Che crossed with Mickey Mouse.

Monies: US$17.76

Here's the deal: I'm sick of seeing these trite images of Che. His image is as overused as Paris Hilton. I'm all for punching in the faces of people who would wear the Che Guevara shirt because it's "cool." Isn't he part revolutionary and all "kill the dissidents"? Let Ernesto rot in peace.

PS: There's one more shirt I didn't put up here. It's a tee design by Ruslan Karablin of Dr. Cornelius in a beret. It's awesome looking but that shirt is as hard to find like a virgin in New York.

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