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Monday, September 11, 2006

Who Loves You?

Bernie Hou, creator of of the webcomic Alien Loves Predator, has come up with a new t-shirt.

Question. If that image flash, does it mean, it's safe to walk or that it's not safe to walk because there's a acid-spewing, phallic-headed xenomorph with a prehensile tail crossing?

It's like that "if a tree fell in the forest" query. Only there's a possibility of a Chestburster. It's like explosive diarrhea through the torso.

Monies: US$16

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Blogger Alternative Motive said...

Funny blog. I didn't know there were so many F Bomb Shirts out there. And to think I thought I was the clever one. Well, I still like mine the best! Check out the F Bomb tee and others at

Thanks. Enjoy.
Logan Wallace
Alternative Motive
Cincinnati, OH

7:20 PM  

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