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Sunday, November 18, 2007

What I Got - Stitch 2007

(Disclaimer: this is gonna be a huge post. So hold on to your britches.)

On the 11 November, I went to Stitch, Austin's convention of fashion and crafts. It's their fifth year and I love this year's lineup. I also think I've blown this month's food money on t-shirts.

Ah, well.

Stitch is a great place for fashion and indie crafts, which means Etsy (one of the biggest... maybe only online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade) was present spreading the word.

There were a lot of fabulous outfits and accessories like these novelty soaps by Feto Soap.

The razor blade soaps were only for decorations though.

Then there are these awesome squid ties from Aorta...

... and hilarity from I Love Apple Juice (O. Henry would be so proud).

Carlo Rossi was one of the sponsors for Stitch and they had a place for making and
putting your own designs on their free blank Gildan and Bella t-shirts.

And they also have their own t-shirts to give away.

The arts-and-crafts section was of course, near their wine booth. I guess it improved creativity. Especially with Carlo Rossi's free bottles, there were free-flowing artistic expression.

The Campbell-themed bottle is my favorite.

But this being a t-shirt blog, I gotta concentrate on the tees. We'll start with Partybots.
They have a wide array of hand-drawn art from Karl Addison.

I got myself an Inner Robot tee...

... and a Terrorsaurs (the image is printed on the back)...

... and this is my favorite. I plan to wear this during Thanksgimme with the relatives. You can't really ascribed a genre to Addison's style. It's ecletic. Much like Viva Ortega.

We did a post on him about the Freudian tree. I got myself this tee.

It's different from the one he's selling on his online site...

... and I think the former looks better.

The next one isn't a t-shirt but I really like the designs by Kathie Sever's Ramonster line.
Cowboy shirts with badass customized stitching.

Next we have Loyalty and Blood.

Squid Ink Kollective. A narwhal on a scooter is a keeper.

The bizarre Let's Get Healthy.

I got this sweet Mexican-styled skull tee from Pop Vicious.

Rural Rooster is a local t-shirt store and this t-shirt immediately caught my eye.

The other designs were great but there's something about the line art of the parachute that made me want to fork over money for it.

Will Heron is another local artist who does t-shirt screen printing. Perfect for your little ones (and the ones you don't know about) and adults.

Came across Ape Gear's booth, where they sell not only t-shirts...

... but pillows and plushies and bagpacks. Way to widen your demographic.

This is Model Citizen Clothing and it's the bomb-diggity. The only problem? It only caters to the ladies. Bonnie Rue, who owns and design the line says she plans for a men's line in the near future. Also in the future? Men will be able to have babies of their own.

Margaret Helene designs these really beautiful drawings of hers and beautiful apparel but she also does wonderful screenprinted t-shirts.

I got this t-shirt from the Handmade Nation booth. They're doing a documentary on the rise of indie craft and they're trying to raise funds for that. What can I say? I'm a philanthropist.

Another local Austin artist is Kelly D Tees. I've seen her stuff sold in many a places.

Sheriff Peanut. They also sell hand-stitched bibs.

Supermaggie. They have nice designs, real clear and intricate lines and shading. I wanted to get a t-shirt but I needed gas to get home. Maybe next time.

Mustn't forget to get an official Stitch convention t-shirt! Because how else can you prove that you were there? Photographs? Memories? Feh!

We did a Masters of the Universe t-shirt in a previous post. When Burgers and Friends attended Stitch, they had already switched to a new Winter 'o7 / Spring '08 lineup. I managed to buy this from them.

I'm not sure what it means but I wanted something to piss off my cop friend. Coyote Alert was sharing the booth with Burgers and they have a nice lineup.

I have to apologize for the inappropriate moment of the photo. They were much happier and less awkward in eating before and after I shot them.

And finally, we have SEBEI.

David looks really happy to be in jolly old liberal Austin. He didn't have the 100% Sandwich tee but I did get this.

It seems somewhat disconcerting that David is drawing from the Western pop culture well, which felt different from his usual abstract Japanese-influenced line but I like it.

So that's it for the Stitch festival. It was a blast. I met great people, collected a lot of schwag and I can't wait for next year.

'Til next post!



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