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Sunday, February 10, 2008

What I Got - Scribtees

Here's something from Germany.

Via FedEx, no less.

It's from Robert Goldbach and he's part of Shirt City that is a do-it-yourself and a t-shirt design competition (Scribtee). Like the offspring of Zazzle and Threadless. And also European.

This is what I got - a t-shirt, two coupon cards and this...

... a handy instructional guide to washing your t-shirt. Okay, show of hands, how many of you actually pay attention to the tags on your t-shirts? Not many people do but Shirt City, they keep the faith. They had it printed out for you t-shirt benefit. Every year a t-shirt looses its luster because you DID NOT TURN IT INSIDE OUT when you wash it! Oh, the humanity!

Coupon cards are useful. If you're a cheap bastard like me.

Now the t-shirt... excuse the crappy lighting but it's actually much prettier than that. This is not AA apparel or any that I'm familiar with. It's soft and it fits by steroid-filled frame very well. Could this be... a new wave of European fabric?

The design I got... well, maybe it's just me and I'm missing out on some in-joke but what the hell is a "psychogorilla"? I know it's a portmanteau of "psycho" and "gorilla" but the gorilla doesn't look psychotic? It looks docile, like it would munch on a banana and forgo tossing barrels at you.

The logo on the back of the t-shirt is a visually attractive. It's simple and it accentuates the "scrib" part out.

Shirt City is doing a bang up job. I'm not too wild with some of their simplified vector designs and cliché illustrations but with a little more variety and artistic expression, Shirt City shouldn't have anything to fear.

[edit: after the post, Robert came back with a reply. Shirt City prints on Continental Clothing, which is eco-friendly and soft. Robert also stated that Shirt City was the first to come up with the "make-your-own-t-shirt" concept, waaay before Zazzle or Spreadshirt.

There's also the vector issue. There are limitations to what they can print, which I understand.]

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Blogger Andrew Flynn said...

You should checkout the interview I just did with Robert over at my blog! Super cool guy, and a super cool company.

10:19 AM  

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